Larry Lawton and Chief Mike Force to Present at NASSLEO

NassleoThe National Associations of School Safety and Law Enforcement Officials, which membership is comprised of educators, law enforcement and security directors and officers, as well as other professionals that share the common goal of protecting our students, staff and physical assets.

Chief Ian A Moffett FL – Bio 2016 a subject matter expert for the United States Department of Education on issues related to emergency management in schools. Chief Moffett is pro-active and looks for innovative ways with data driven results to help schools be the safest place to raise our future leaders.

Each year NASSLEO brings together top experts from around the country to address many topics of interest to our members. These items include national and international issues, programs, best practices, and recaps of major events that affect safety of our children and our schools.

For more information about the Reality Check Video Card Program for your Agency or School, contact Mike Force Bio 2017 at 636-614-6579, or Larry Lawton – Biography 2017 at 321-917-7694. Office: 844-922-4800

Lake Saint Louis Police Upgrade To New Reality Check Video Cards

Lake St Louis card front & back no passwordThe Lake Saint Louis Police Department in Lake Saint Louis, Missouri has upgraded from the Reality Check Program DVD’s to the Reality Check Program Video cards.

Chief Mike Force a twenty five (25) year chief of police, with 42 years in law enforcement is one of the most pro-active chiefs in the United States. The Mayor, all the City Alderman, City Administrator, Chief Force, Deputy Chief DiGiuseppi and the entire senior staff of the Lake Saint Louis Police Department are always looking for ways to help the community.

In an interview with a newspaper, Larry Lawton was asked about being an honorary police officer with Lake Saint Louis PD and how did he get the idea to develop the Reality Check Program Video Cards for police agencies.

” It was such an honor to be sworn in as this nations only ex-con to become an honorary police officer. I take that oath very seriously. As a man who travels the country, I can say without hesitation that Lake Saint Louis is one of the most pro-active cities in the country and that made becoming part of Lake Saint Louis easy. Chief Force said to me when we first met, it is all about choices Larry, and you are doing the right thing.

Chief Force pictureIMG_1974The chief loved the DVD’s, but he is a forward thinker and is always looking for ways to help his community. With that in mind, I kept thinking about ways to incorporate technology with human interaction. Hence, the cards were developed. The one hour Reality Check Program is on a small card the size of a business card. Since the cards are wallet sized the officers and all the staff can carry the cards and they have another tool to help the community 24/7..

Working with Chief Force, Deputy Chief DiGiuseppi and all the people in Lake Saint Louis is an honor. Chief Forces hired men with values who want to help their community and young people, that says it all. I consider Chief Force a mentor and good friend.” said :Larry Lawton.

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Larry Lawton Visits Federal Prison Coleman

IMG_2338Larry Lawton, Founder and President of the Reality Check Program spoke at Federal Correctional Center Coleman (Medium) and the Woman’s Camp. “At first I was a little nervous and edgy. Not from the inmates, but from the prison administrators and staff, and how I would be viewed and treated,” said Larry Lawton.
Larry met the Warden first and was very impressed. Warden Manny Ocasio was open, listened and had good ideas. Since the Warden is a Colonel in the US Army and Larry is retired Coast Guard, they hit it off.
Larry and the Warden spoke at length about reentry, corrections and ways to help inmates throughout the visit. Larry believes the Warden, Unit Manager Gary Lee and the whole staff who attended the presentation understand how important the Reality Check Program is with reentry. The Warden, Unit Manager and Unit Secretary along with security were with Larry for the whole time. Unit Secretary Mary Melek coordinated everything and cares deeply about reentry.
IMG_2334Larry spoke to over a hundred inmates and staff in the Medium Security Facility and then the same at the Woman’s Camp. Larry wants to personally thank Warden Ocasio, Unit Manager Lee, Secretary Malek and all the staff for there hospitality and help. Larry left the facility encouraged. The prison took pictures and we will be getting them soon.
The Warden believes deeply in reentry and what Larry brings to the table. “It is refreshing to see that things might be changing with the BOP, at least at FCC Coleman,” said Larry Lawton.
IMG_2330A positive and successful reentry of a person helps EVERYONE. No new victims of crime, (possibly a serious crime) saving taxpayers money, connecting families and helping a person who made a bad choice.
The Reality Check Program helps young people stay out of prison and Larry also consults with prisons to help reduce recidivism.

Be pro-active, not re-active

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Reality Check Program Video Testimonials From A 19 and 21 Year Old

Larry Lawton, Founder and President of the Reality Check Program does a live program twice monthly. Following the program on 4/24/17, two young men, aged 19 and 21, agreed to give a video testimonial.



Reality Check In-School Suspension Program

in-school suspension



1.     the process of receiving or giving systematic instruction, especially at a school or university.

The Reality Check In-School Suspension program uses the success of the Reality Check Program to open a young person’s eyes and redirect bad behavior.

One of the jobs of schools and teachers is to help a young person grow into the best they can be. Education is key and one of the best places to educate a person is in school. When a young person does something wrong or against the rules, he or she needs to be held accountable and educated to correct that bad behavior.

Using the Reality Check In-School Suspension Program gives schools a one of a kind tool they can use to help a young person become the best they can be.

The Reality Check Program consists of four parts:

1.     Larry Lawton’s prior life

2.     What prison is really like – not what you see on TV

3.     What you will lose – freedom, family, etc…

4.     Avoiding and Dissolving Bad Associations.

In-School suspension is necessary in some situations. Correcting bad behavior at the onset helps everyone.

1.     The student sees what direction they are headed and has the opportunity to change that bad behavior.

2.     The school satisfies giving discipline while also sticking to their core principles of educating the student.

3.     The community benefits by keeping a student in-school and correcting a person’s behavior for the long haul.

In-School suspension is very important, because education is the answer and we all know if we don’t keep educating our youth, we will end up incarcerating them.


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