My son got caught shoplifting, what will happen to him?

Not having enough information on his specific case I can’t give a direct answer. Also, being I am not a lawyer, I can’t give legal advice. I can guide you in the right direction.

The short answer; if your son is a first time offender and was charged with a misdemeanor he will probably get a diversion program like the Reality Check Program.

Let’s take a minute and get to the root cause of what happened. Why did your son shoplift? That is what I would be asking. Teens and Read More »

Misconduct After Moving

Question: My son is 14 and we just moved to Florida from New York. I see a difference in him. He talks back, doesn’t socialize with anyone, always has an attitude, and is generally disrespectful. He wasn’t like that when we lived in the big city. What do we do?

Answer: A 14 year old really shouldn’t act like that unless there is something deeper going on. A move can be a traumatic experience for anyone, no less a 14 year old boy. It could be Read More »

Tips for Parents – Are You Setting Rules? – By: Larry Lawton

Set and Enforce Family Rules

Positive Parenting, Setting Ground Rules for TeensMy teenage son thinks I’m so unfair because I try to set and enforce rules like a reasonable curfew or no going out on school nights. He always argues that none of his friends’ parents set rules. Am I being too strict?

Teenagers have limits in school, business, clubs, politics etc.  Right and wrong must be taught. This is how they learn.  Parents set limits to prepare their kids for life!
Talk to your kids, avoid yelling at them – they will put up a barrier.  Instead, use a calm voice and make respectful and reasonable requests.  Be clear about the consequences if the rules are not followed.

At some point in our youth, most of us tried to extend our curfew or get out of a chore by saying, “Well, so-and-so’s parents don’t have those same rules,” or “Everyone else gets to stay out later.” And I think we’ve all heard the dreaded response, “Well I’m not so-and-so’s parent.” Read More »

We Were All Kids Once

Question: My son did something minor and the police are harassing him.  How can I make the police understand my son isn’t a bad kid?  How can I get them to stop?  We were all kids once.

Answer: It really isn’t about making the police understand your son isn’t a bad kid.  We don’t believe he is.  We always say this “We don’t believe in bad kids, we believe in bad choices” We also believe 99% of all police officers won’t judge your son and want to help him. 

There are good and bad people in all organizations, whether that is the Read More »

Question: My 13 year old son seems to be getting into a lot of fights lately. What should I do?

Answer: Of course, it all depends on a lot of things. If your son is defending himself that is understandable. A lot of people say a child should go to an adult and fix the problem that way. I actually believe a child should learn how to handle certain situation by themselves. It is a part of growing up.

If your son is starting the fights then that changes everything. It could be a bullying issue. Kids lash out in a lot of different ways, bullying is one of them. The general answer is to find out why your son is angry, upset, or has another issue that is bothering him.

Teens with underlying issues are going through a lot inside and they let their temper get the better of them. Communicate with your teen and find out why he is upset and you will probably get to the bottom of why he is fighting so much.

We also recommend the Reality Check Program. Your son is probably making bad choices and he needs to see what will happen if he keeps making bad choices. The Reality Check Program is geared for people 11 and up. Click Here to purchase the Reality Check Program video.  A good resource is “Identifying At-Risk Teens”, see how many warning signs your son has. Stay ahead of the problem and never give up. 

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Good Luck,

Larry Lawton