The Reality Check Program Team works with Law Enforcement, Cities, Schools, Organizations and families to help our youth become the best they can be. Our proven ‘Reality Check Program’ demonstrates the likely consequences of a person’s choices.

Partnering with Law Enforcement and helping break down the “Us Against

Them” mentality the community has with law enforcement is one of our main goals. Click Here to see how.

The Reality Check Program consists of four parts:

  1. Larry Lawton’s prior life
  2. What prison is really like – not what you see on TV
  3. What you will lose – freedom, family, etc…
  4. Avoiding and dissolving bad associations.

This Program is not your typical “don’t do what I did” Program. Although the “don’t do what I did” approach is incorporated in the curriculum, the basis of the program is the structure of the four parts, and how they are taught. The four parts were carefully designed to open the mind in a positive way and then teach a person how to change and make better choices.

The Reality Check Program has proven results. An independent quantitative analysis showed 90% of the participants didn’t return to jail, 70% had better attitudes, 43% had better school grades and 31% had better school attendance. The Reality Check Program is a pro-active tool for ALL teens and young adults regardless of age, (11 and up) race, gender, socioeconomic background or whether the person has been in trouble with the law or not.