Identifying At-Risk Teens

If your teen is experiencing more than four of the following warning signs, they could be at risk and an intervention should be considered before the problem gets worse.

  1. Has your teen ever been suspended, expelled, been truant, or had their grades drop?
  2. Is your teen verbally abusive?
  3. Does your teen struggle with basic family rules and expectations?
  4. Do you have difficulty getting your teen to do basic household chores and homework?
  5. Has your teen had problems with the law?
  6. Do you have to pick your words carefully when speaking with your teen, so as not to elicit a verbal attack or even rage from them?
  7. Is your teen in danger of dropping out of high school?
  8. Does your teen associate with a suspect peer group?
  9. Has your teen lost interest in former productive activities, sports, hobbies, or childhood friends?
  10. Has your teen ever displayed any evidence of suicide?
  11. Does your teen seem depressed / withdrawn?
  12. Does your teen ever display violent behavior?
  13. Is your teen sexually promiscuous?
  14. Has your teen’s appearance or personal hygiene changed?
  15. Is your teen deceitful and manipulative?
  16. Has your teen been caught stealing money or personal items from the family?
  17. Is your teen severely lacking in motivation?
  18. Does your teen sometimes lie regarding their activities?
  19. Does your teen display outbursts of temper?
  20. Does your teen lack self-worth and self-esteem?
  21. Does your teen defy established rules regardless of the consequences?
  22. When trying to deal with your teen, do you feel powerless?
  23. Does your teen have a problem with authority?
  24. Do you suspect your teen is experimenting with drugs or alcohol?


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