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REALITY CHECK PROGRAM – Proven Results – Click to see an Independent Quantitative Analysis Report. Reality Check Program QA Summary Q- 1 – 4

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Larry Lawton is the only ex-con ever in the United States to be sworn in as an honorary police officer and only ex-con ever to be recognized on the Floor of the United States Congress for his work with helping young people and law enforcement agencies.

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The Reality Check Program consists of four parts:

  1. Larry Lawton’s prior life
  2. What prison is really like – not what you see on TV
  3. What you will lose – freedom, family, etc…
  4. Avoiding and dissolving bad associations.

This Program is not your typical “don’t do what I did” Program. Although the “don’t do what I did” approach is incorporated in the curriculum, the basis of the program is the structure of the four parts, and how they are taught. The four parts were carefully designed to open the mind in a positive way and then teach a person how to change and make better choices.

The Reality Check Program has a proven success rate of  70% in changing teens and young adults attitudes. The Reality Check Program is a pro-active tool for all teens and young adults regardless of age, (11 and up) race, gender, socioeconomic background or whether the person has been in trouble with the law or not.

Larry Lawton and the Reality Check Program are available for private group and exclusive one on one sessions. Many families and organizations bring in Mr. Lawton for assistance in reaching teens and young adults with a strong message about choices. Some families prefer a private program where Mr. Lawton spends one on one time with their child. Let us know your circumstances and we will provide more information and costs. Click Here to contact Larry Lawton and the Reality Check Program.