Reality Check Program DVD Cover with DiscJeff Kottkamp, Lieutenant Governor of Florida – “Larry Lawton’s ‘Reality Check’ program is not only impactful—it has the potential to be life changing.  Children that watch the program will learn some very valuable life lessons.”

Bill Cassara, New York – “In 30 years of working in television news programs (60-minutes, 20/20) I would count Larry Lawton’s “Reality Check” DVD as one of the most important videos for teens and young adults. It’s tough talk from a man who knows first-hand about how easy it is to make poor choices. Larry Lawton’s Reality Check Program is making a difference”

Jackie Thomas, Iowa City, Iowa – I am a mother, grandmother and para-educator in the Iowa City Public School System. I have been a Montessori pre-school teacher for 7 years and have worked with children for 25 years. I believe the Reality Check Program DVD by Larry Lawton is wonderful. It definitely describes the consequences of what can happen when a person gets on the wrong path. It is real and eye-opening. Both teenagers and adults would definitely benefit from watching this DVD. I highly recommend it!

Buzzy Martin, a Californian, musician, child advocate and author of “Don’t Shoot! I’m the Guitar Man” – I have spent the last seventeen years working with and teach incarcerated at-risk youth in juvenile halls and share Mr. Lawton’s wish that those at-risk youth of adult criminality get an accurate picture of what may lay ahead in prison life.  After watching Mr. Lawton’s DVD “The Realty Check Program” I would highly recommend this amazing most powerful story to all juvenile halls and probation camps for at-risk youth to hear this incredible experience.  My friend Larry walks the walk and talks the talk.  He has a message that everyone should hear.  This man’s personal story of survival in Prison and the transformation to what he is now is a must see.

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Theresa Nunez, Mother, Middle School Teacher – Having my own four children and five grandchildren and having taught 120 sixth grade elementary students over the past five years and after watching the Reality Check Program DVD, I can assure any potential buyer of the DVD that it is money well spent.  Mr. Lawton tells his story of life in prison and impressed me with his honest, no nonsense way of telling kids and adults to make good choices and how they won’t have to live the life he did if they do make good choices. What I think my own kids realized after watching his DVD is that they would not want to miss any time with their families.  Mr. Lawton missed many years with his wife and two children, parents and sisters and brother and that time can never come back. I think that my sixth grade students would definitely benefit from this DVD in that at this very critical age teenagers are so impressionable and influenced by their peers. It would be a great addition to the public school middle and high school curriculum. I endorse this DVD for kids and adults of all ages over 11. Parents and children will benefit watching and putting into practice the information Mr. Lawton presents.

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Good Morning Larry; just wanted to let you know how well my son is doing. Our lives have completely changed. He and I have a better relationship. He got 3 A’s, 3 B’s and 1 C on his report card. We are very happy now. Just wanted to thank you for everything…….and thank you for caring!!!! I decided to watch this video with my younger brother, Jonathan. He used to be very rebellious a couple years ago; he did graffiti and he used to steal. It was mostly because he surrounded himself around a bad crowd. I wish he could have watched this DVD earlier because it did seem to have some effect on him. It drastically changed his perspective of prison. Of course, the stories of what Larry’s cell mates went through made the largest impression on me and him. I knew prison was bad, but I didn’t know it was so bad that people died because of complete lack of medical attention. There were some parts of the DVD that sounded like a lecture, but I think it gives decent steps for someone to get out of a bad crowd.
Loving Parent

I asked my brother, after the video, if he would have changed his behavior sooner if he had watched this when he was 15. He said it would have affected him if he did. There is an element of fear he got after hearing each of the stories, and the statistics associated with how much you lose and have to give up while in prison. Of course, I’ve always been afraid of going to prison, this DVD just reinforced that.

Thanks again for the DVD,
Sarah Lopez

The Reality Check DVD is the ideal accompaniment to the lecture program; it focuses on many of the same issues as are covered in the class, while often going into more detail, or simply approaching them from a different angle. Important points are emphasised, and several of Larry Lawton’s personal philosophies are clearly presented, such as “The choices you make today will affect the rest of your life.”
The most important thing about the DVD is that Larry’s straightforward style and honest demeanor translate well, as do his poignant accounts of life in prison, and the realities that accompany it. Larry’s first-hand accounts and passionate dialogue makes the viewer think about the aspects of prison that are not always discussed: the loss of choice, the effect on family and loved ones and the strain on relationships – the divorce rate, even among prisoners who have children, is astounding!

The end result of all of this is a hardhitting, thought-provoking experience that causes a rethinking of priorities similar to that of the Reality Check class. At one point in the DVD, Larry says that he hopes the DVD is being viewed with an open mind, and if this is the case then it’s hard to see what he has to say failing to have an impact. Even if just a few of Larry’s hard-earned lessons hit home, or at least encourage a little independent thought, it’s worth the watch.

by Cai Griffiths

The Reality Check Program describes what prison life is really like and how you have the ability to make the right choice in life. Lawrence Lawton paints a very vivid picture of the reality you will face because of a bad choice. He lost his freedom and served eleven years in jail. Mr. Lawton had to watch his children grow up from behind bars. He cares about you and gives you an honest and straight forward plan for staying out of jail. He doesn’t want you to have to go through any sort thing similar to the hell that he faced everyday. You will think twice before making a wrong decision that could land you in the slammer.

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By John Stafford

“I first heard about Larry Lawton and Reality Check Program when my son was getting into a little trouble last year. I did some research and when I found out what it was about I figured it couldn’t hurt. I got a copy of the DVD and Zac and I watched it together. I was a little taken at first from some of the things I heard on the DVD and wasn’t sure I wanted Zac to hear them. The next day I came home to find Zac watching the DVD again. Then a couple days’ later he was watching it a third time with his cousin. I started to talk to Zac more about it and I understood that what he got out of it was different than what I got out of it. I’m an adult and already know the difference between right and wrong and he is just learning so therefore he really learned something from it. I can honestly say it was money worth spending; it has been a year since Zac got in trouble and 9 months since he watched the DVD. I recommend this DVD to every teenager even if they haven’t got in trouble it will make them think about making bad choices. Kudos to Reality Check, thank you for caring.”

Faith Wheeler
Rockledge, Florida

Norm Wolfinger, Brevard & Seminole County State Attorney:

“Watching your tape for the 2nd time, I can see why you influence these young adults to consider making good choices – your real and your stories were lived.”

Judge David Silverman:

“The Reality Check Program is designed to impart hope to each participant … Coming from an ex-con who reinvented himself, it is a message that resonates with force and clarity for many teens and young adults and that can have a profound effect on their self image, their conduct and their future.”

Rockledge Police Chief John Shockey:

“The DVD’s have proven to be a wise and valuable investment in the youth of our community. I highly recommend the Reality Check DVD to any law enforcement agency.”

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