Court Ordered Video

Online – Reality Check Court Ordered Video

This is a court ordered  program. This program is used for, Misdemeanor Offenses, Plea Offer, Pretrial Diversion Program or Probation Sanction.

Reality Check Online Court Ordered Video – Cost $50.00 CLICK HERE to purchase

(Certain Areas) Reality Check Live Program – Cost $100 CLICK HERE to see class schedule.

How the online court ordered video program works:  The online court ordered program must be purchased and viewed by the defendant and a ten question test must be successfully completed.  A certificate of completion will be issued upon a passing score of 80%.

Click the link to order the Online – Reality Check Court Ordered Video You will receive specific instructions in an email PDF. Follow the instructions to complete the program.

The fee for the online Court Ordered Reality Check Program Video, test, grading and  processing is $50.00. 

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