Drug Education Programs for Cites, Schools, Organizations & Families

Larry Lawton brings the most educational and informative drug, gang, crime, prison and choice-making programs to audiences throughout the United States and around the world.

Many cities, schools, police departments and organizations bring in Mr. Lawton for assistance in reaching and educating teens, young adults, parents and officials with a program custom designed to educate the audience on drugs, the opioid crisis, addiction, crime, prisons and choice-making.

Let us know your needs so we can custom design a program and quote you costs. Click Here to contact Larry Lawton and the Reality Check Program.

For Schools – In-School Suspension Program – CLICK HERE

Larry Lawton, appears regularly on national TV, radio and has been written about in newspapers all over the world. 

In particular, Larry has a unique way of educating teens, young adults, parents and officials; how you communicate and educate the audience is key. Larry speaks the language of his audience with facts, truth and no sugarcoating. Become educated on topics to include, but not limited to, various drugs, gangs, crime, prisons and choice-making and how those topics impact teens, families and communities the most. 

Have Larry design a program for your city, police department, school, organization or business.

There are several ways to facilitate the cost of booking Larry:

  • Option 1 – Direct Payment: We accept purchase orders, all major credit cards, money orders, cash or a personal check in select situations. We also offer convenient payment plans for ongoing consultations and educational programs.
  • Option 2  Grants, Donations: Cities and non-profit organizations can apply for grants available to fund drug education, community policing and low income at-risk youth programs. Many business owners care deeply about the community and donate generously towards programs that help young people. 
  • Option 3 – Fundraising Package: You can use the Reality Check Program Video Card (RCPVC) as a fundraiser and make money for your city, school, organization or business. For example, you purchase X amount of RCPVC’s at $5.00 each, (Retail cost of the RCPV is $35) and then sell the RCPVC’s at $10 or $20 per card for a significant profit for your organization – or you can find a sponsor to fund the project and give out the RCPVC’s at no cost with the sponsor getting free advertising. 

To learn more and speak with a representative call: 844-922-4800 or email: Larry@RealityCheckProgram.com