Expert Witness & Consulting

Consultation is available for individuals awaiting trial, sentencing or an individual who was convicted/sentenced and is awaiting incarceration.

Expert sentencing testimony and knowledge of the system is critical. The amount of time an individual receives at sentence varies based on a number of factors related to not only the facts of the case, but the individual’s personal, family, educational and medical history. It is essential to use every available resource to get the fairest or shortest sentence possible.

Get the best people to help you understand pre-trial, trial, sentencing, the appeals process and post-conviction work. Our team educates people on prison issues to include, survival, transfers, halfway house placement, reentry, education, and family expectations about the future. After all, you are not alone on this journey, your families will be traveling with you.

Larry Lawton, is considered a leader in the field of Sentencing and Prisons. Larry interviews you and your family, and researches specific mitigating factors that could make a dramatic difference in the sentence imposed. Larry is available to testify as an expert witness at trial and/or sentencing. Larry’s vast knowledge of the inner workings of the court, jail and prison system gives Judges the opportunity to downward depart from the guidelines, or impose the lowest possible sentence. Don’t underestimate the power of an expert witness on your team, you can possibly save years, if not decade, of your life by having our team on your side.  

The Process:

Understanding what will happen throughout the court process and what happens later in prison is critical for both you and your family. Insight is provided on how to live behind bars, stay out of trouble, and identify potential dangers. For families understanding visitation rights is essential, as the actions of prison officials, at times, can be contrary to providing a positive experience for all involved.

Our team, led by Larry Lawton, is aware of critical and up to date information regarding prisons, federal and state prisoner rehabilitation programs, including the recently enacted “alternative to incarceration program” available for first time nonviolent offenders. Larry addresses inmate rights and institutional policies. He is also available to document or testify in court about most areas of corrections. As a Corrections Expert Witness and Certified Sentencing Specialist, Larry can provide a sentencing Judge with insight and support for imposing the shortest possible sentence available, allowing you to return to your family in the earliest possible time frame.

Our team is made up of certified paralegals who stay current on all changes in the law, due to legislation on judicial and prison reform. Larry Lawton is our expert with mitigating factors that will limit your sentencing exposure. Larry has extensive knowledge of the Code of Federal Regulations (C.F.R.) that govern the actions of prison officials, where you might eventually be.

TRIALS: Our team of expert witnesses handle cases involving drugs, robberies, assaults, white collar crimes, etc. When the jury hears testimony from an expert witness that a person’s past does matter, they often look at a defendant in a more positive light, it humanizes the defendant in their eyes with an understanding of rehabilitation. We all know that the way testimony is presented to a jury, or the judge is very important. Jurors and Judges connect with Larry and might believe a defendant is not guilty, or at the very least, less culpable than portrayed by the government and its witnesses.

SENTENCING: Larry’s testimony can give the Judge a reason to downward depart from the sentencing guidelines. When asked what affect a prison sentence will have on an individual, that individual’s family, friends and community partners will give the Judge a different perspective. Each case is different and unique, so the Judge needs all available information to make an informed decision on what the proper sentence should be. With helpful testimony, the Judge has a reason to downward depart, or at the very least, sentence an individual at the bottom end of the guideline, which can save an individual up to three years of their life. What is three years of your life worth?

In the words of one Attorney who is now a Judge:

“Larry Lawton is a valuable resource who brings hard-earned experience, enthusiasm and a genuine desire to help people to every case he works. He has “real world cred” that reaches people, both young and old, in a way that a parent, attorney, spouse or friend could not.”

— Robin C. Lemonidis, Board Certified Specialist in Criminal Trial Law, now District Court Judge.  

Lawrence “Larry” Lawton is an Author, TV Personality, Speaker, Teen/Young Adult Counselor and Expert Witness.

Larry Lawton is the only ex-con in the United States to have ever been recognized on the Floor of the United States Congress for helping young people stay out of prison through his Reality Check Program.  

Larry developed the nationally recognized Reality Check Court Ordered Program, which has one of the highest success rates in the United States.

Larry appears regularly on national TV (ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, CNN, MSNBC) and Radio shows all around the United States, as an expert on crime, sentencing, prisons, schools, teen/young adult issues and community policing.  To see Larry on TV – CLICK HERE

If you’re in need of a sentencing expert that could save you years, if not decades, of incarceration, contact us now, don’t wait. Call toll free at 844-922-4800 or Email: The sooner we are on your team, the better off you will be.

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