Yacht Program

Does your son or daughter need a REALITY CHECK? Help for your son or daughter the exclusive way. The Reality Check Yacht Program.

Have your son or daughter experience the nationally recognized Reality Check Program on a super yacht for 7 days with Larry Lawton and nine other teens.

Teens who go through the Reality Check Program show 70% better attitudes, 43% better school grades, 31% better school attendance. Click Here to view quantitative analysis.

For seven days, your son or daughter will experience a week of the award winning Reality Check Program on a super yacht. Larry Lawton personally educates your son or daughter the only way that works, with REALITY. Young people relate to Larry.

superyacht-slideUnderstanding you have to mix the good with the bad. Larry Lawton educates with fun and reality. Jet skies, parasailing, fishing, slides, island excursions, 5-star dining and all the fun a super yacht offers, plus, every day Larry teaches a different part of the nationally recognized Reality Check Program. Larry interacts with all the teens, every day, all day. Understanding what they could lose is a real eye-opener.


The Reality Check Yacht Program consists of five parts:

  1. Larry Lawton’s prior life
  2. What prison is really like – not what you see on TV
  3. What you will lose – freedom, family, etc…
  4. Avoiding and dissolving bad associations.
  5. Personal interaction and connections with all the teens. Group dinners and events connect the teens and make the Reality Check Program a one of a kind program.

This one of a kind program offered to teens aged 12 through 17.          $20,000 per teen.

Fun and education with the #1 program in the United States.

Larry Lawton: Author, TV Personality, Speaker and Teen/Young Adult Expert. Larry developed the nationally recognized Reality Check Program. Larry’s life story is depicted in the book “Gangster Redemption” which was co-written with 8 time NY Times bestselling author Peter Golenbock.

Larry Lawton and the Reality Check Program recognized by the United States Congress – Click Here to view

Larry on Huckabee ShowLarry Lawton, first ever ex-con to be sworn-in as an honorary police officer – Click Here to view

Larry Lawton, on Huckabee – Click Here to view


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