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Reality Check Subscription Service

Helping parents stay updated and ahead of problems on teen and young adult issues with a team of experts with weekly videos and information

Parents need to stay pro-active and up to date with information and have the tools to help their teen or young adult stay out of trouble and on the right path.

Join the Reality Check Subscription Service and get the nationally recognized Reality Check Program video, (Normally $35.00) free when you sign-up. You will then get weekly videos with tips and information to educate YOU, the parent. Only $4.99 per month.

Here is a sampling of some topics to be addressed.

  1. New drugs for a parent to watch for; Lean, Cocaine, Flakka, Molly, Spice, Ecstasy – called Superman, Caffeine Powder, etc.
  2. How to deal with an arrest. (Your rights) Petty Thefts, Drugs, Assaults, etc. The Legal Corner with Glenn Roderman, former Judge and current leading criminal defense attorney with 45 years’ experience.
  3. How to deal with failing grades and what the root cause might be.
  4. Letters from prisoners who are still incarcerated to open a person’s eyes.
  5. Bullying and fights.
  6. How to communicate better with your teen or young adult.

7.. And much much more……………………

The Reality Check Subscription Service Team consists of Larry Lawton, founder of the Reality Check Program. Glenn Roderman, former judge and criminal defense attorney. Dr. Lisa Palmer, Celebrity Psychologist and Larry Carter, former 31 year law enforcement officer. Keep your teen from making bad choices.       Only $4.99 per month  

The Reality Check Subscription Service is a service with videos and information to educate parents and help teens and young adults do better in school, avoid drugs, gangs, the wrong crowd and many other obstacles. One bad choice can lead to devastating consequences.