Thank You President Obama and President Trump – By: Larry Lawton

Timothy Tyler (aka: Lumpy)


I am so happy for my friend Timothy Tyler (He was known as Lumpy in USP Atlanta) who was given Clemency by President Barack H. Obama and was released May 30, 2018. Lumpy was given a life sentence for a non-violent drug offense at age 22. (Selling acid at Grateful Dead concerts – It was his third strike and he was given probation for his prior two strikes)

Lumpy is a Dead-Head and anybody who grew up in the 60’s, 70’s or 80’s knows who the Grateful Dead and Jerry Garcia are and what their lifestyle was all about. There is no excuse for Tim’s behavior and I hope he uses this opportunity to help others.

This article is about Criminal Justice Reform and the two Presidents that can make it happen. President Obama recognized that the draconian sentencing laws are quite simply, CRAZY.

Timothy Tyler had his sentenced commuted in 2016 when President Obama gave clemency to 111 non-violent drug offenders. After doing 24 years, Timothy Tyler is a free man. All because of Clemency. You might ask, what is Clemency? There are three parts of Clemency, 1. A Pardon (Pretty simple, the person is forgiven for the crime and penalty). 2. A Reprieve (Usually they are for a person sentenced to death and the person wants more time to plead for leniency, or to argue the death sentence is cruel and unusual, or something like that) 3. Commuting a Sentence (When the sentence is shortened and the defendant is given mercy, but the conviction still stands) Lumpy got #3.

This clemency hits home because I personally know Lumpy and he deserved getting his sentence commuted. I am sure many more people deserve clemency. I hope and pray President Donald J. Trump continues the practice of righting wrongs and releasing non-violent drug offenders. Seeing Kim Kardashian at the White House gives me hope that true criminal justice reform is in sight.

I have devoted my life to the Reality Check Program and helping people get back on track. That is why I wanted to personally thank President Barack H. Obama for his courage on this not so popular topic. Sadly, people incarcerated are forgotten. The old adage of, out of sight, out of mind, is a reality for people incarcerated and not just a memorable saying.   

Everyone we work with in the Courts, Law Enforcement, Schools, Businesses and Families understand we can never forget the negative impact our offenses have on victims and the community as a whole.  We feel deeply for the victims and damage we caused and will address victims’ rights, how to reduce crime and how to help communities in a future article.

I will get blasted by hateful people for supporting any President, but right is right and getting negative comments never stopped me from voicing my opinion in the past, so why start now.

From President Reagan to President Clinton, they failed the people with the War on Drugs. A war that should have been a medical crisis. Presidents Obama started the process of criminal justice reform and we hope President Trump continues this non-partisan all-encompassing crisis.

After being incarcerated for over a decade, studying the law, criminal justice reform, policing, crime, juvenile issues, rehabilitation and helping people with the very difficult process of reintroduction back into society, I can say without reservation that what President Obama did and what we hope President Trump will continue, is compassionate, fiscally responsible, non-partisan and the right thing to do.

All the people who attack a President should sit-back and admit that all Presidents do good things as well as bad things, just like all of us. Nobody is perfect.

When a President says or does something I believe is inaccurate or wrong, I criticize him, and when a President says or does something I believe is positive and right, I give him praise.

When it comes to Criminal Justice Reform, both President Obama and President Trump are on the right path and should be praised. Criminal Justice Reform is non-partisan, morally right and gives people a second chance. Something America is built on.  

It is great TV when people are screaming, yelling and fighting, but nothing gets done. Hate, negativity and scorn are all emotions that drown out logical explanations that help everyone.

I hope when people are alone and contemplating the issues that matter to them, they can admit to their own flaws and understand that change and progress are sometimes slow and can be made no matter who the President is.

Thank You President Obama and President Trump.

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