VOTE – Election 2018 – There Are Some Very Important Races You Need A Voice In

How important is YOUR vote? One of the most important things a citizen of the United States can do is exercise their right to vote. People have died, so others can live in a free society, and voting is a part of that free society. One of the main things that separates the United States from other countries is having fair elections, and a smooth transfer of power.

The 2016 election is talked about every day on TV, radio and in living rooms all over the country. The reason so many people are upset about the 2016 election is not that Donald Trump won, it is that our election was tampered with. Now comes the 2018 mid-term elections. I hear people saying that our elections are rigged and my vote doesn’t matter, so why vote. That is ludicrous. Our elections and especially the 2018 mid-term election is more important now then ever. As a country, we need to show the Russians, or anyone else for that matter, that our democratic system of government is, by far, the best one in the world.

The mid-term elections have more of an impact on you as a citizen than any other election. If you want a traffic light on your corner, or the trash isn’t being picked up, or there are to many buildings being built, you will need the help of your Councilman, Mayor, School Board Member, Sheriff, State Senator, State House of Representative, or for help dealing with a federal agency like the Veterans Administration, your United States Congressman, or United States Senator. The people who hold the titles I mentioned work for YOU. That is why it is imperative you vote. 

In Florida we have a number of very important political races this year. It is your vote that will elect the next Governor, State Attorney General, United States Senator, United States Congressman and numerous state, and local seats up for grabs in your area. Do your homework and elect the people that represent you. 

Who is most qualified to be YOUR next Governor? Listen to them speak, look at their records, educate yourself on all aspects of the job they want YOU to elect them to. Ask yourself, are they the best person to represents YOUR interests and beliefs? Did Governor Scott do a good job as YOUR Governor? Why does he deserve to be YOUR next United States Senator? Has current Senator Bill Nelson met YOUR expectation? Who is most qualified to be YOUR next Attorney General, or YOUR next United States Congressman. 

Very inspiring to me are the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School students and parents who are traveling and promoting a “get out and vote” campaign. Sadly, it took a major tragedy for people all over the country to realize how important having competent local political leaders really is. Questions are being asked and answers will be found. Will the political leaders make the changes necessary for something like the MSD tragedy to never happen again?  

You need to ask yourself those questions and vote for the people who best represent YOU. “GET OUT AND VOTE”

In the upcoming weeks, special edition newsletters highlighting some of the major political races in Florida will be released. 

Larry Lawton

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