19 year old son is going away to college

Off to collegeQuestion:   My 19 year old son is going away to college.  Is there anything I can do to encourage him on the company he keeps and the choices he will be making?

Answer:   This is a good question because when a loved one goes away he tends to either be a follower or a leader.  I hope he is a leader.  I always recommend you get our Reality Check Program Video. You can get a free copy of the RCP video from some police agencies. Fort Lauderdale PD, Sunrise PD, Lake Saint Louis PD to name a few. Try calling your local Police Department and seeing if they have the Reality Check Program video to help families.

You can also purchase the Reality Check Program video. It is $35 and you can watch it immediately online. CLICK HERE  You should get one yourself.  You can then talk to your son about making good choices and what the consequences are if he makes bad choices. Consequences that you probably never had to endure, but you can speak about after watching the video. Say something like this, “Be careful tonight, and remember what Mr. Lawton went through”.  Never yell at your son, speak calmly with love and concern. When you yell a wall goes up, when you speak from the heart with concern it goes deep and has a lasting impact. 

Remind your son to watch the video with his new found friends.  Something in the video might click with them and hopefully they will think before they act.  He is an adult, but will always be your son.  Always keep the communications door open. Keeping an open dialogue is the best thing you can do to help your young adult son. He might be far away distance wise, but he will always be next to your heart.  

Good luck and I applaud you for being pro-active.

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