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Views about prison abuse from people on the inside.

I sent the article titled “inmate died in agony while pleading for help” to some people I know who are incarcerated right now.  Here are the comments that came back to me.

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Prison Abuse

Check out this article …                        Prison Abuse Pekin I am still thinking about this very sad situation.  As a man who was tortured and abused by the Federal Bureau of Prisons this article really hit home.  The title of this article says it all; “Inmate died in agony while begging for help”.  I  didn’t sleep […] Read the Rest…

Controlled outrage from an ex-con – ME!

As predicted, I couldn’t sleep last night.  I kept thinking about that man dying alone.  Suffering and complaining.  Begging for help only to fall on deaf ears.  To be laughed at, called a crybaby, told to man-up, and mocked like an animal in a cage. 

I am totally sick and can’t sleep – I am mad and sad at the same time.

I am sitting at my desk and this article hit me soooo hard.  Please read it  Inmate died in agony while begging for help. I have tears in my eyes and this one is bad for me.  Memories of what happened to me are flooding back into me and I won’t sleep for a long […] Read the Rest…

School board looks at costs – Brevard Schools a big disappointment.

I read a great article this morning in the Florida Today about School Board member Barbara Murray fighting the cost of high administrative personal at the School Board.   Keep fighting Barbara.  I will gladly have you on my radio show to talk more about this issue.  I personally am not impressed with Superintendent Binggeli.  What has […] Read the Rest…

Sound Off

I am opening this blog up to anyone to sound-off on whatever issues they want.  From upcoming politics, personal issues, to corruption you believe is going on.   This is YOUR blog as well as mine.  Have a great week.  Please consider a sponsorship for the upcoming Reality Check Foundation Golf Outing.  Without your help we could never do […] Read the Rest…

Innocence Project

Please read the Florida Today article “Advocates worry a change may affect innocence panel”. It is in the 6/26/2010 issue. I applaud Florida Senator Mike Haridopolis for his continued support of a project that helps people and gets justice right. Isn’t that what it’s all about?

Sexual Abuse Persists In Juvenile Detention Centers

I was on the computer doing my monthly research when I ran across a very disturbing article.  1 in 10 juveniles are raped in prison.  The scary part is the report said 80% were conducted by staff.  Yes, you read that right.  Check out this article titled “Sexual Abuse Persists In Juvenile Detention Centers”. I understand […] Read the Rest…


We all make choices everyday. I tell that to kids as well as adults. It is the choices we make that will affect the rest of our lives. That goes for everyone. That is why I developed the Reality Check Program. People always ask me if it is sacred straight and I always have to […] Read the Rest…