Angelo Dundee a good friend and good man. May he rest in peace.

I was saddened to hear of the passing of my friend Angelo Dundee. I got to know Angelo back in the early nineties in south Florida through a close friend, cruiser weight champ Mark Randazzo. Angelo was Mark’s trainer.

Going out to dinner with Angelo and hearing the stories was amazing, but what was even better was his compassion and love for people. I gave Angelo a real nice bottle of wine when he opened his gym in Hollywood, Florida and he not only never forget that, he never forgot me when I went away to prison for making some bad choices.

Angelo always asked Mark how I was doing and he wanted to see me. I am upset with myself for not making more time to go see old friends when I got out of prison. It is a great lesson to be learned. Life waits for no one and God is the ultimate referee.

My prayers and thoughts are with Angelo’s family and friends. He touched many people in ways that can’t be described and I was only one of them.

Thank you Angelo for making me a better person.

God Bless

Larry Lawton