Be You…. Here is why you have to follow your passions

Food for thought…..

25% of people will never like you. You can give them a million dollars and they will find something wrong with you. The next 25% like you, but they can be persuaded to dislike you. They are looking for a reason to not like you and one little thing will change them. The third 25% don’t like you, but can be persuaded to like you, they need to have their asses kissed. Now the last 25% understand you, are on the same page as you, have the same views as you, care deeply for issues you care about and are the people who will make you the happiest. If you worry about the first 75% you will lose the people you want to be around. The people who will make you the happiest.

The moral of all this, be you and have a passion for what you believe in. 99.9% of us all aren’t politicians running for office. Go to bed at night feeling good about who you are, what you believe in and ask yourself if you made a difference in the world today.

God bless you all.

Larry Lawton

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