Prison and Jail Oversight – Open Request to Governor DeSantis

Governor DeSantis, we are requesting an independent investigation. 

On December 9, 2018 Gregory Lloyd Edwards, a 38-year-old combat veteran with PTSD was acting erratically at a Walmart and the police were called. (Rightfully so) Gregory Edwards was arrested and taken to the Brevard County jail and ended up dead.

The full story is in the Florida Today newspaper. Click Here

Gregory Lloyd Edwards served our country as a United States Army medic in Iraq and Kosovo. Gregory served his country and came home with a serious disability, PTSD. What really happened to Gregory at the jail?  

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VOTE – Election 2018 – There Are Some Very Important Races You Need A Voice In

How important is YOUR vote? One of the most important things a citizen of the United States can do is exercise their right to vote. People have died, so others can live in a free society, and voting is a part of that free society. One of the main things that separates the United States from other countries is having fair elections, and a smooth transfer of power.

The 2016 election is talked about every day on TV, radio and in living rooms all over the country. The reason so many people are upset about the 2016 election is not that Donald Trump won, it is that our election was tampered with. Now comes the 2018 mid-term elections. I hear people saying that our elections are rigged and my vote doesn’t matter, so why vote. That is ludicrous. Our elections and especially the 2018 mid-term election is more important now then ever.  Read More »

Larry Lawton on NBC the Today Show discussing 100 million dollar robbery

Larry Lawton nbc-primetime-scheduleLarry Lawton, former jewel robber and founder of the Reality Check Program helps analyst figure out what happened in a 100 million dollar jewel heist in London.

A multi-million-dollar heist in London’s jewelry quarter was likely carried out by a team of a dozen “professionals” with inside knowledge of the vault they robbed, according to a former diamond thief.
Larry Lawton spent 11 years in prison in connection with several jewelry robberies but now educates youngsters about the dangers of crime.
He told NBC News the daring heist in London represented the “score of a lifetime.”
Police are still trying to determine how the thieves robbed the vault in the British capital just after midnight on April 3 and made away with some 70 safety deposit boxes. The contents of the haul has not been officially disclosed — but estimates in the British press have been as high as $200 million.
“I think they had it planned to the tee,” said Lawton, who runs the Reality Check Foundation, a Palm Bay, Florida-based charity helping young people at risk of turning to crime. “You could see the men in the videos were Read More »

Thank You President Obama and President Trump – By: Larry Lawton

Timothy Tyler (aka: Lumpy)


I am so happy for my friend Timothy Tyler (He was known as Lumpy in USP Atlanta) who was given Clemency by President Barack H. Obama and was released May 30, 2018. Lumpy was given a life sentence for a non-violent drug offense at age 22. (Selling acid at Grateful Dead concerts – It was his third strike and he was given probation for his prior two strikes)

Lumpy is a Dead-Head and anybody who grew up in the 60’s, 70’s or 80’s knows who the Grateful Dead and Jerry Garcia are and what their lifestyle was all about. There is no excuse for Tim’s behavior and I hope he uses this opportunity to help others.

This article is about Criminal Justice Reform and the two Presidents that can make it happen. President Obama recognized that the draconian sentencing laws are quite simply, CRAZY.

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Was Zachary Cruz tortured in the Broward County Jail? Why Was Cruz given a $500K bond?

Answers by Larry Lawton, ex-con and Honorary Police Officer and Glenn Roderman, former Judge, Prosecutor and now Criminal Defense Attorney with over 40 years’ experience.
Is ZACHARY CRUZ being punished for the crimes of his brother? You decide.
What does someone think when you mention the name Cruz, School and Arrest? At first, everyone thinks of Nikolas Cruz the deranged Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooter who killed 17 innocent people and wounded many more. A tragedy that will never leave our hearts and souls.
It is hard to think of anything but that, but when people hear that this case is not about Nikolas Cruz, it is about Zachary Cruz, Nikolas Cruz’s young brother, people stop and listen.
When people find out Zachary Cruz was given a half a million-dollar bond for a misdemeanor charge of trespassing and was subjected to wear a weighted suicide jacket for 24 hours a day, for five straight days, when mental health professionals decided he didn’t display any signs of a mentally disabled person, you have to wonder what is going on. Is he being judged for the crimes of his brother?

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