School Violence on the Rise – How can we help prevent school shootings?

School Violence on the Rise – 2018 was the worst year on record for gun violence in schools, and 2019 isn’t looking much better. How can we help prevent school shootings?

Schools saw 279 violent incidents during the 2017-18 school year, up from 131 the previous year, according to a study by the Educator’s School Safety Network, a national non-profit school safety organization.

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Abuse of Power – Sheriff, Chief Deputy and Lt. Indicted by the FBI

Police Accountability – Jody Norris, Special Agent in Charge of the FBI says: “It is paramount that law enforcement maintain the trust of the public which it serves. These charges are a reminder that nobody is above the law.”

Chester County Sheriff Alex Underwood, Chief Deputy Robert Sprouse and Lt. Johnny Neal were indicted for falsifying a police report and then making false statements to the FBI.  

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Larry Lawton speaks at Eastern Florida State College – 2019 (Reviews)

On March 25th and 26th, 2019, Larry Lawton spoke to hundreds of students and faculty at Eastern Florida State College. 
Speaking about opioids and prison, Larry opened a lot of eyes. Read the reviews below.

Reality Check Evaluation

As an Adjunct Professor of Psychology, I was a bit reluctant to take my classes to a recent presentation of a program by L. Lawton – Reality Check.  Having not had the benefit of seeing the presentation before taking my classes of young adults and some teenagers as I was not sure what was being presented or how it would be presented.  After seeing the presentation the first time, I became sure that most of my students needed to see Mr. Lawton’s presentation.  The best way for me to describe what I saw was that it was REAL. 

I have the benefit of 24 years of service in the United States Navy.  I then worked for the state of Florida, one of those years was with the Department of Juvenile Justice and the re-entry counselor for Brevard County.  I can honestly say that with my background and experience I can without reservation recommend Mr. Lawton’s Reality Check presentation for teachers, administrative personnel and students, high school level or above.   While some of the language may be considered a bit crude by some, as a teacher at the college level with dual enrollment students – they can handle the language better than older people.  That is something else that is real.  Our youth are NOT babies anymore and need to know that someone cares enough to tell the truth.  Mr. Lawton does that and gives the attendees the ability to get help they may need – without judgment.

All in all, an excellent presentation.

Dr. Edward H. Lyle

Adjunct Professor, Psychology

Eastern Florida State College.

Have Larry speak at your school, conference, company or event. From prison to author and national TV Analyst. To contact Larry, please see below…… Larry Lawton Bio 

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OPIOIDS – EDUCATION and the ISSUE – By: Larry Lawton

OPIOIDS – By: Larry Lawton

I think everyone will agree we are deep into an opioid crisis. To fix the opioid crisis or any crisis for that matter, you first have to understand what is causing the crisis.

What started the opioid crisis, and continues to hold back any long-lasting recovery, is the lack of education in our schools and not addressing the underlying issue a person has that causes him, or her, to use a mind-altering drug. 

Opioids are killing people and ruining families at an unprecedented level. This crisis has found its way into all parts of our society, and it has to be addressed with Read More »

Reality Check: From Federal Prison to Helping Our Youth

Larry Lawton and the Reality Check Program were featured in the Epoch Times. A magazine based out of New York City with a circulation of 1.3 million. The Epoch Times is either sold or distributed free-of-charge in 35 countries and in 21 different languages. The writer, Andrew Thomas from NYC did a great job. Read the full article here: