Brevard County Presents Resolution to Lawrence Lawton & The Reality Check Program

At the December 15, 2009 meeting of the Brevard County Board of Community Commissioners, Lawrence Lawton and The Reality Check Program were recognized with a resolution. Commissioner Andy Anderson read and presented the resolution to Mr. Lawton.

The resolution recognizes Mr. Lawton and the Reality Check Program for helping teens and young adults with serious issues (drugs, gangs, behavior problems, crime, attitudes, and violence) through the Reality Check Program classes, the Reality Check DVD and theReality Check Foundation. The Reality Check Foundation was recently formed as a nonprofit organization dedicated to being pro-active with teens and young adults “before” they are arrested or worse which is the answer. TheReality Check Foundation will also partner with other organizations to accomplish this very important mission.

Mr. Lawton thanked the Commissioners for the recognition and stated “It’s all about our kids and being proactive”. He then read a few messages he has received from parents who have written to praise the Reality Check Program for the success in helping their kids to make better choices.