Can a Democrat win an election in Brevard County, Florida? Yes! And here’s why….

As of August 13, 2012 there are 369,655 registered voters in Brevard County, Florida; 158,987 Republicans, 128,146 Democrats and 82,522 others.

Because of the Presidential race the Democrats will get out the vote and anyone with a (D) next to their name will get the Democratic vote. That bodes well for democrats.  The Republicans will get the republican vote out as well, but being the President is a democrat they have a slight advantage.

Here is the game-changer, the 82,522 others. Historically the independent voter goes democratic when they are up in the air.  If all the voters come out and vote their prospective parties there is a 30,841 difference on the republican side.

Now lets factor in the 82,522 other voters. The Democrats will win any election if they get 57,000 votes out of the 82,522. Not an unlikely number if they run a progressive and defining campaign. People in local elections are more likely to not follow the norms. The key is the OTHERS in the voting pool.

My advice to any candidate who wins the republican primary, don’t take the general election lightly. The Dems are coming.

Larry Lawton

About the author of the article: Larry Lawton, the President and Founder of Lawton911 and the Reality Check Program DVD and also the author of Gangster Redemption is an independent and person who judges the candidate and not the party. Larry is a patriot and believes in the voting process and since losing his right to vote he is a champion of prisoners getting their rights back and stopping the abuses that go on behind bars in the United States of America.