Community Policing – By: Larry Lawton

1 Breaking down the “Us Against Them” mentality the citizens have with the police.

When a community sees the police are willing to work with the “WHOLE” community, the police gain true partners. Most families have a member who made mistakes. Maybe they have a record, are an addict, etc., and when the citizens see the police are willing to help and work with all people, the police gain trust. It is not about race, it is about community interaction.

When cops work with ex-cons, at-risk teens, and people who had negative run-ins with the police, they show the whole community that the police are not judging people. Understanding how to work with people who dislike the police is what is needed. Otherwise, it is a tit for tat situation and violence will continue to erupt.

A survey of young people aged 18 to 25 showed 88% of the young people had a negative interaction with law enforcement. Law enforcement and young people need to work together. Making young people a friend, not a foe is very important.


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98% of all cops join the police force to HELP people. It is how the leadership in a police department manage and train their officers. In law enforcement, it is the leadership that sets the tone. A leader who gives his police officers awards for helping people, (changing a flat, speaking at a school, church, etc.), or uses resources in a community minded way, is a leader who sets the tone as a community minded leader. That is what is needed.

Giving out awards for the most arrests, most DUI’s, etc. sets a confrontational tone. It is the way of the dinosaur.

A positive community policing leader sets the tone and the police officers under him follow it. The community becomes a friend and not a foe.

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Larry LawtonLarry  Lawton, Honorary Police Officer, Ex-Con, Recognized on the floor of the United States Congress