Congress supports the Reality Check Program and Larry Lawton

A Lot has been happening with LL Research & Consulting, Inc. the parent company of Lawton911, the Reality Check Program DVD and the book Gangster Redemption. With a TV show close to being done, a movie deal being negotiated and the launch of the book, it has been non-stop.

With all that going on, it was really nice to receive a very supportive letter from Congressman Posey. We have known the Congressman for a while and he has been supportive and pro-active since the beginning.

The Congressman hosted Larry in Washington at the Capital and introduced him to seven other Congressman. Congressman Posey believes in helping teens and young adults and understands the value of the Reality Check Program.

Thank You Congressman Posey for your support and caring about our nations youth.

To view and read the letter from Congressman Posey, click his highlighted name –  Congressman Bill Posey