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Reality Check Program Logo_blackEducating Parents and Helping Teens

Parents need to stay pro-active and up to date with information and tools to help their teen or young adult stay out of trouble and on the right path.

Join the Reality Check Subscription Service and get the nationally recognized Reality Check Program video, (Normally $35.00) free when you sign-up. You will then get weekly videos with tips and information to educate YOU, the parent. Only $9.95 per month.

Here is a sampling of some topics to be addressed.

1. New drugs for a parent to watch for: Flakka, Molly, Spice, Ecstacy – called Superman, Caffeine Powder, etc.

2. How to deal with an arrest. (Your rights) Petty Thefts, Drugs, Assaults, etc. The Legal Corner with Glenn Roderman, former Judge and current leading criminal defense attorney with 43 years experience.

3. How to deal with failing grades and what the root cause might be.

4. Letters from prisoners who are still incarcerated to open a person’s eyes.

5. Bullying and fights.

6. How to communicate better with your teen or young adult.

7.. And much much more……………………

The Reality Check Subscription Service is an inexpensive service with videos and information to educate parents and help teens and young adults do better in school, avoid drugs, gangs, the wrong crowd and many other obstacles. One bad choice can lead to devastating consequences.

Meet The Team

Larry on Huckabee Show1. Larry Lawton, Larry developed the nationally recognized Reality Check Program which is used in courts, the federal government, law enforcement, schools and by parents from all over the world. In August of 2013, Larry was the first ex-con in the United States to be sworn in as an honorary police officer in the city of Lake Saint Louis Missouri. In November 2013, Larry was recognized on the floor of the United States Congress for his work with helping young people. Larry is a teen and young adult expert for TV and a national motivational speaker.


Mike Ronsisvalle2. Dr. Mike Ronsisvalle, a Licensed Psychologist and the host of both Reality Radio and the ground-breaking television series Dr. Mike: Changing Your Reality. As the Vice-President of Reality Inc., Dr. Mike speaks at conferences and seminars across the country on topics related to emotional and spiritual health. Dr. Ronsisvalle earned both a Master of Arts and a Doctor of Psychology in Clinical Psychology from Wheaton College. He completed his Pre-doctoral Internship, with an emphasis on Child, Adolescent, and Family Therapy, at Alexian Brothers Medical Center in Chicago, Illinois. Prior to his graduate studies in Psychology, Dr. Ronsisvalle completed seminary training at Samford University’s Beeson Divinity School where he received a Master of Theological Studies.


Glenn Roderman3. Glenn Roderman, former judge and 43 year criminal defense attorney. Mr. Roderman started his career as an assistant state attorney, serving in the Broward County State Attorney’s Office in 1973 and 1974. He later served as Associate Municipal Judge in the town of Davie, from 1974 to 1976, and then in North Lauderdale, from 1975 to 1977. Mr. Roderman started his own legal practice in the early 1980’s. He continues to serve as a respected legal analyst for ABC News Channel 10, WPLG, in Miami. With over 40 years experience in the Criminal Justice System as a former Judge, State Prosecutor, and Criminal Defense Attorney, Mr. Roderman is available to other attorneys as a Mentor or a Coach on any or all of their criminal cases.


Larry Carter4. Larry Carter, 31 year law enforcement official, certified instructor in the following disciplines: Community Policing, Racial Profiling, Sexual Harassment, Domestic Violence, Conflict Resolution, Crime Prevention, Workplace Diversity and many others. Larry holds a Bachelor of Science: Criminal Justice – Columbia College-Patrick AFB, Florida. Larry Carter is an educator at heart and educates parents and communities to the negative impacts of drugs, bullying, crime, police interaction and incarceration.