Gangster Redemption – How it all came about

The process of writing the book Gangster Redemption was long and hard. It started over two years ago when my then agent Adam Leibner introduced me to Peter Golenbock. Peter is a 7 time New York Times bestselling author with over 45 books published.

Peter and I met in Orlando and hit if off right away. We had some coffee and discussed my thoughts and what I wanted to get out of writing a book. My goal was to be straight forward and make sure people understood that no matter what they did they can change and make a difference in this world.

Peter and I talked for hundreds of hours. He got things out of me that nobody could. Peter loved that I never made excuses for what I did and never will. Our past makes us who we are, the good, bad and ugly. Peter also understood I wanted to instill hope and we did that. He kept me focused and on point.

Anyone who thinks doing a book like this is easy has no idea. I originally went the conventional route and got a major NY agent, but quickly learned that agents and traditional publishing houses have their own agenda and time table.

The agent wanted to change things and edit the book in a way that would have took the essence of the book away. I wouldn’t let that happen, so we parted ways. I had a few publishing companies who wanted to publish Gangster Redemption, but once I found out what the deal was, I decided to open a publishing company and publish my own book and have the ability to publish more books.

People say I am a success story and I am sure that is true to some degree, but what is success really?  I take one day at a time and try to learn from my mistakes and instill hope in people. I love what I do and that is a measurement of success.

I am an optimist and believe in teens and young people even when they make bad choices and people want to give up on them. I will never give up on our young people and when you read the book Gangster Redemption you will see why quit is not in my vocabulary.

This is my motto, “I don’t believe in bad people, I believe in bad choices”

The book is $14.95 in print (click here to buy the print copy) and $8.95 on Amazon Kindle (click here to buy the Amazon Kindle version)

Enjoy the read.

Larry Lawton