I have a 10 year old son who is acting out. At what age is your program intended for? Concerned Mom in Texas

I get asked this question all the time. First, I’d like to applaud you for being pro-active and doing your research to find out what is best for your son. Kids younger and younger are starting to act out. The Reality Check Program DVD was designed for ages 11 and up, but I have had children as young as nine in my program. 

The key is, is your son mature enough to understand the full consequences of his actions? Every child is different. We know the male brain doesn’t fully developed till around 24 or 25 and the female brain doesn’t develop till around 22 or 23.

With that said, I always advise parents to get the DVD and watch it themselves. Only you can determine if your son should see the DVD. Maybe you only want him to see part of the DVD. The DVD will help you and give you information you can use to communicate better with your son.

I am sending you a complimentary DVD, but for anyone else, use promo code LARRY and get $10 off the DVD. Good luck and never stop being pro-active.


Larry Lawton