Reality Check Live Program Reviews

Larry Lawton received a personal message on his facebook. He doesn’t know the person personally, but she went through Larry’s class. It is why he does what he does and he wanted to share it with you. Larry is so proud of her. Please look at the comments section at the bottom. The former Lt. Governor of Florida Jeff Kottkamp hit the nail on the head with his comment.

Facebook Testimonial and Comments – 8-15-13

Cynthia Martinez Scott, Palm Bay, Florida – I just wanted to say thank you for your program. Janaisha went on Saturday.  What you said apparently has made an impact. We had an opportunity to talk and she just started telling me everything. I just let her talk.  After our long talk she apologized and said thank you. I told her that we start from here and move forward. I told her we have things to work out but we can do it and I know she’ll be okay. It has only been two days but her attitude seems different.  I was able to speak to other mothers while waiting. You really need to start a support group for the parents. I walked away feeling relieved after speaking to other mothers.  I even walked away with a different attitude because I know I am not alone. So thank you for taking the time to help my daughter and my family.  Jonathan and I really appreciate it.

Yvonne Minus, President, Melbourne Police Community Relations Council – I just want to say thank you for such a dynamic job you and the Reality Check program are doing to help save our youth locally as well as across America.I am so grateful for your heartfelt dedication and love of reaching our youth and getting them to think first before they make that choice, which may be a wrong one.I truly believe you are a Godsend to our youth of tomorrow. Keep up the great work for they indeed are our future.

Judge Morgan Laur Reinman – “The Reality Check program has proven to be an effective tool for the court in helping at-risk juveniles recognize the consequences of their actions.”

Judge David Silverman – “The Reality Check Program is designed to impart hope to each participant … Coming from an ex-con who reinvented himself, it is a message that resonates with force and clarity for many teens and young adults and that can have a profound effect on their self image, their conduct and their future.”

Steve Hurley, Corporate Manager – “I think I can safely say that Larry created this Reality Check Program with one objective in mind – to help and assist adolescents and young adults who he sees going down the same path he did. Larry frequently refers to this path as “making bad choices” and he is living proof that bad choices don’t pay and if you reverse the bad choice, lives can be turned around.”

Ashley (17 year old) – “hey whats up. Thank you again, I cant help but make the right choices now. Prison freaks me our now for sure.”

Kyle (16 year) – “Dude your shit was straight up and it really made me open up my eyes and realize I can’t f— UP. I probablly would still be going and pullin likks and stealing shit. But after your program, ive changed. You are a good man Larry.”

Michelle (15 year old) – “Larry, thank you for helping me turn my life around and relizeing everything in this world can be different u just have to change it yourself well my jpo is currently turminating my probation a year early because I done everything I was suppose to an dnever go in trouble so that’s good, I am pregnant 6 months …im just so glad im out here and stayed outa trouble so I can e here with my baby … thanks.”