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“The parenting program Larry Lawton from Reality Check presented to our school and community in January provided parents with information needed to raise children in our world today.  Larry shared real world experiences, consequences for making good and bad choices in his life, and most importantly, skills to help parents act in the preventative.  His knowledge about the dangers resulting from bad associations, problems faced by parents, and current information about our local community gives him credibility.  Members from the law enforcement community, court system, and school board attended his presentation showing support for what he does.  His presentation was lively, engaging, and a true Reality Check for all who attended.   We were proud to sponsor this event for our community and look forward to working with Larry in the future.”
Carol Guthrie, Assistant Principal, St. Joseph Catholic School

Larry…..What a PLEASURE to hear you speak at the Parenting Program this week!  You have a heart, you have a message worth hearing and a personality that allows you to deliver it effectively.  God has given you this chance to make a difference and you have embraced it.  I will pray for your continued success as you reach out to children and caregivers in a way only you can do!  Great Job!
Michelle Kovach Silverman

Larry … January 26, 2011 – Between 11:00 PM last evening and 5:30 AM today, I received 8 emails from 8 different families (parents, grandparents, colleagues) who were simply amazed with you and your program at SJS.
YOU ROCKED!!!  THIS WAS PHENOMENAL!!  FINALLY…..somebody who articulately conveys teen help issues with sincerity, facts, passion, realism, and even humor!  I learned so much last evening personally and professionally.
Even though my 16-year-old son and I have a wonderful relationship and speak openly about so many things – I realized that you can never let your guard down and you must ALWAYS work in the preventative. 
I shared your info with my son (Michael) upon arriving home last night.  Larry, I can commit to you that I will practice some of your drills.  Michael and I scheduled a 1-hour “Beach Picnic” for Saturday morning at 9:00 AM.  I’ll purchase a paper and will have him pick an article.  I’ll let you know what happens.
I’m also picking up the Reality Check Program DVD today. I never knew that this particular program existed.  In reference to the cell phone situation, he is use to me sporadically grabbing the phone from his hand and reading the incoming and outgoing messages any time I want.  I’ll keep doing it.
One more thing……….I’ve been at St. Joseph’s School for over 10 years……….last night’s attendance was the largest ever!  I was thrilled!
Thanks again for all that you do,
Dr. Rosemarie B. Gilbert, Ed.D., LMHC, L.Psy

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