Larry Lawton visits CCA run Lake City Correctional Facility

Lake City Correctional FacilityCCA a private prison company is contracted to run Lake City Correctional Facility. LCCF is a youthful offender prison housing inmates aged 19 to 24.  Larry Lawton, Founder and President of the Reality Check Program and author of Gangster Redemption is a well known prison expert who was invited to visit and tour Lake City Correctional Facility by Warden Joseph Taylor. The tour was given by Tim Moore, Classification Supervisor and Holly Rickert, Sentencing Specialist both staff members of Assistant Warden of Operations Dan Devers. Larry also spoke at length with Chaplain Proy.

Larry Lawton who consults on prisons, jails and probation agencies for various officials understands what to look for inside a prison. The tour of LCCF was unrestricted. There were no limitations and Mr. Lawton toured the whole facility, from the housing units, segregation area, medical unit and the education department.

“Mr. Moore, Mrs. Rickerts and Chaplain Proy were very informative and professional. It was quite obvious they care about the facility and the young offenders under their care. We all know that rehabilitation is the answer and I look forward to a continued relationship with Lake City Correctional Facility”, said Lawton.

“Accountability is so important when dealing with people’s lives. LCCF has cameras everywhere and they hold the staff accountable as well as the inmates. Another positive I saw was CCA has its own medial department which is so important for accountability reasons. I deal with a lot of medical issues in prisons and giving the warden control over ALL aspects of the prison is very important. When the warden has control the buck stops there. The education department is well run and all about rehabilitation. I was very impressed with the whole operation and I hope other CCA prisons are as well managed as LCCF. Good job Lake City”, said Lawton.

Larry Lawton’s Reality Check Program is used by courts, probation departments, jails, law enforcement, the department of justice weed and seed program and families all over the country. Mr. Lawton is working on a program to help ex-felons readjust back into society, therefore reducing recidivism.

Lt Governor, Judge, Larry, HostLarry Lawton on FOX News with Florida’s Lt. Governor Jeff Kottkamp and Judge Rhonda Babb (Click here to view 8 minute video)

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