Larry Speaks, February 2010

New Year, New Opportunities – I traveled to Washington last week with the support of Congressman Bill Posey (R-Florida). Upon arrival, Posey announced: “I’m glad to see Larry in Washington spreading the message about the good work he does. You can’t put a price on stopping a child from falling into an adult life of crime”.

I met with seven different Congressmen and the reception I received was all positive. I sat and talked with members of the sub-committee on crime: Congressman Gohmert (R-Texas), Congressman Poe (R-Texas), Congressman Rooney (R-Florida), and Congressman Lungren (R-California). I also spoke with Congressman Posey (R-Florida) and Congressman Chaffetz (R-Utah).
Larry explains Reality Check DVD to Congressman Tom Rooney (R-Fla.)

I had a meeting with Sean Sampson the Legislative Correspondent and Educational Advisor to Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz (D-Florida).

The purpose of the meetings was to introduce the Reality Check Program to the people in Washington. I think it is important to let the public know what our elected officials are doing and what their thoughts and ideas are on helping our kids.

I am happy to report; that the members of Congress above truly want to help. Congressman Rooney (R-Florida) spent a good deal of time with me discussing ways to help kids in general. Not just for the kids in his district, but all kids in general. I hope to be working closely with Congressman Rooney (R-Florida) in the near future.

Congressman Gohmert (R-Texas) and Congressman Poe (R-Texas) both former Judges understood the importance of family, intervention programs, and helping our kids BEFORE it’s too late. Congressman Lungren (R-California) a former Attorney General of California also had a vast knowledge of what to do with kids.

Congressman Chaffetz (R-Utah) and Congressman Posey (R-Florida) gave me some good insight into what they believe. I came away impressed and believe my trip was a success. I will share more about the trip on my weekly radio show.

While in Washington DC, I also enjoyed a visit with my friend Dennis Greenhouse, Director of the Community Capacity Development Office (CCDO) of the US Department of Justice. The CCDO is charged with working with partners to keep communities safe, enhance existing programs, and build successful community coalitions. The CCDO mission is to work with local communities to design strategies for deterring crime, promoting economic growth, and enhancing quality of life

I also stopped in New York to see my ailing father and that put life in perspective. We have to find out what is important in life and live for that. Find your love and live it. Trust me, it’s not monetary.

I rarely mention religion or faith in my Newsletters or on my website, but regardless of what you believe or what religion you believe in, read this one passage from the Bible and it really pertains to all of us. Matthew 16:26 – What does a man gain if he gains the whole world but loses his soul.

This coming week on the Reality Check Radio show is the author who is doing my book Peter Golenbock. Check out his BIO. I get a lot of questions asking me how it works and what the process is, we will discuss all of that. Peter and I have become friends and I’m sure the show will be entertaining and informative. Peter is a bestselling author originally from the Northeast and now resides in St. Petersburg, Florida, with Wendy Grassi, their cat Chauncey, and their basset hound, Fred.