Prison and Jail Oversight – Open Request to Governor DeSantis

Governor DeSantis, we are requesting an independent investigation. 

On December 9, 2018 Gregory Lloyd Edwards, a 38-year-old combat veteran with PTSD was acting erratically at a Walmart and the police were called. (Rightfully so) Gregory Edwards was arrested and taken to the Brevard County jail and ended up dead.

The full story is in the Florida Today newspaper. Click Here

Gregory Lloyd Edwards served our country as a United States Army medic in Iraq and Kosovo. Gregory served his country and came home with a serious disability, PTSD. What really happened to Gregory at the jail?  

To find out what really happened to Gregory Edwards you need an investigation. The Sheriff says they are investigating. How can anyone believe an investigation that is conducted by the same people from the agency that is being investigated.  

The Sheriff runs the jail and the Sheriff is investigating the death. The Sheriff himself should want an independent investigation by an outside agency.

According to the Florida Today article, between 2015 and 2019, there were 11 in-custody deaths involving the Brevard County Jail Complex, with the bulk of those considered from natural causes. Who did those investigations and were any of them veterans?  

No Jail or Prison should be allowed to investigate itself. I have personally heard horror stories about the Brevard County jail. This family and all veterans deserve answers and answers it can believe.

Governor DeSantis, I am a disabled veteran and you are a veteran. We supported you during your campaign and now Governorship because we know you have the same values we have towards veterans and our country. We are sure you are as outraged about this story as all veterans are. Governor, please order an independent investigation into the death of Gregory Edwards and the other deaths at the Brevard County jail.  

Thank you, from one veteran to another.