Letters to the editor (Jan. 19) Ex-con’s program can help keep kids on track

In response to Sunday’s Florida Today (01-17-10) front-page article, “Students get dose of prison realities,” as a Brevard County teacher for many years and passionate about helping children succeed in life, I have found that making good choices in all areas of school and life is how they will be successful.

Many of the 11- and 12-year-olds that I taught could have benefited from ex-con Larry Lawton’s Reality Check program. I had the opportunity to sit through his program with a group of adolescents and watch Lawton’s DVD.

Behavior problems exist throughout our schools, and we are fooling ourselves if we say there aren’t any.

I feel if several of my former students who are now struggling in school and life had been able to hear Mr. Lawton speak or view his DVD, they may have made different choices. I believe they would have thought twice about their bad choices and made better choices.

Mr. Lawton has the ability and intelligence to reach boys and girls of all ages and does so with respect for all involved. I had the opportunity to listen to him speak in a high school, where you could hear a pin drop. Any program that can help kids is worth looking at.

Theresa Nunez