My interview with Larry Lawton on his upcoming 700 Club appearance. by: Chris Lewis

The 700 Club TV  show is coming to Brevard county Florida to interview Larry Lawton the Founder and President of Lawton911 and the Reality Check Program DVD. The producers coordinated with Mr. Lawton and are coming on February 8th. The show airing date is still to be determined.

The 700 Club is the flagship news talk show of the Christian Broadcasting Network, airing in syndication throughout the United States and Canada. In production since 1966, it is currently hosted by Pat Robertson, Terry Meeuwsen, Kristi Watts, and Gordon P. Robertson, two of whom (one male and one female) will host on any given day. Lee Webb serves as the CBN News anchorman.

The show will be about redemption and Mr. Lawton has appeared on the Huckabee show (watch the segment here), the Healing Today show seen on CTN (Christian Television Network) (watch the segment here) and numerous other TV and radio shows.

Mr. Lawton wants to show people that change is possible and people do change. “God has missions for all of us, you just have to recognize it and accept it. The saddest part of life would be going through the motions without having a purpose. Love what you do, work hard and everything will work out” said Lawton.

During the interview with Mr. Lawton, you can see he gets frustrated with people who don’t want to help the youth. He truly cares. He understands politics very well and we spoke for hours on his views of the upcoming presidential race, local politics, and future of the country. It was nice talking to a man who is very passionate, optimistic and never gives up. More on my interview with Larry Lawton in future posts.

Chris Lewis

Chris Lewis is the new vice president of sales for Lawton911. With seven years of corporate sales experience and a passion for helping teens and young adults, Chris is a natural fit for a growing company with worldwide aspirations.