My son is failing in school, what should I do? By: Larry Lawton

Larry Lawton, Founder, and President of the Reality Check Program answers a parents question on failing grades. 

Question: My 13-year-old son is in the 8th grade and about to fail school? He seems like he doesn’t care.

Answer: For starters, we are big advocates of education and ask you to remember that education doesn’t just mean traditional school education. Life is an education. We are all learning every day. When you stop learning you’re probably dead.

Our schools sometimes miss the mark with only concentrating on math, science, history, etc… Education is about preparing a young person to be a productive member of society. 

As far as your son not caring, first find out why he doesn’t care. He could be afraid of going to high school. Is he being bullied, is he an outcast, is there a girl issue? Your son is going through puberty and probably being thrown in a lot of different directions. Once you know what the real issue is, you can deal with it better. With the help of teachers, counselors and even the school principal, you should be able to get to the bottom of your sons’ sudden change in attitude.

Don’t forget that you have to hold your son accountable. Like everything else, consequences are a must. Remember who the parent is. You set the rules and he has to abide by them. Don’t jump to grounding him for a year because we all know that’s not going to happen. Be realistic. Be consistent and don’t waiver. If you are going to take his phone for a week for not doing his homework, do it. If you are going to restrict his computer use for a week, do it. Don’t give in. That is a big mistake a lot of parents make. A lot of parents want to be their child’s friend instead of being a parent.

A real short answer to your question is, BE CONSISTENT with CONSEQUENCES.

Stay strong and this too will pass. Keep being pro-active. 


Larry Lawton

About the Author:

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