Mom kills teenage children

This story is very sad.  “Police say a New Tampa mom shot her teen children to death” I would have loved to try and help this family.  Obviously, she had some mental issues, but I also believe we as a country need to do more for families who have a loved one overseas.

The stress for a Mom caring for teenage children when they have a husband overseas can be overwhelming.  It is overwhelming at times when all cylinders are on go for a regular family, throw in a husband in combat and the situation can be explosive.  Let’s help these families in any way we can.

Sadly, I think the military and society tends to forget a Mom with teenage children.  They have programs for Moms with infant children or toddlers, but the issues that come up with teenagers is a far cry different.  That is where I come in.  The military needs my program for families of service members.

I truly believe in all my heart that Lawton911 can help thousands of families of military personal.  I want to start a campaign to help these people BEFORE tragedies like what happened in Tampa happen again.  It sure is worth the try.

Please let me know your thoughts and I will start a letter writing campaign to our elected officials to help the ones that are keeping us safe.  Let’s help the forgotten ones, the ones with teenage age children.