Palm Bay police arrest 6 in sting

Palm Bay arrest 6 in sting.  Lawton911 wants to applaud the Palm Bay police in their efforts to curb the use of illegal prescription drugs.  Sadly, this is going on all over the country. 

Lawton911 deals with a lot of drug issues when it comes to helping the community.  Let’s all remember it is an addiction and every case should be handled in the appropriate way.  No two drug cases are alike.

We at Lawton911 are believers in people changing.  If we can tackle the drug addiction we can prevent these incidents from happening.  If we fill our jails with non-violent drug cases we won’t be helping anyone.

Incarcerating non-violent drug offenders is not the answer.  Rehabilitation is the answer.  Let’s never forget that.  If it was your loved one who had a drug problem you would want help, not incarceration.

With that said, the Palm Bay police did a good job and now it is the state attorney’s office to handle these cases in the appropriate manner.