Why Some People Don’t Trust the Police and How to Fix it. By: Larry Lawton

As a man who travels a lot and helps families and communities all over the country, I get to hear first-hand what concerns, gripes and issues families have with schools, law enforcement, jails and cities in general. For the most part, people are happy with the services given by the agencies mentioned above. People also understand it is their choices that got them in whatever problem they happen to be in.

I’d be lying if I said all communities had positive reviews of the agencies mentioned above. There are certain communities that quite frankly don’t trust, or like the police. In those communities, I always ask, why don’t you trust the police?  In 99% of the responses, the people think the police don’t like them.  

The other answers I get are….

  1. Some people only have negative interactions with the police.
  2. Some family member was arrested and incarcerated by the police.
  3. Some people witnessed brutality by the police and then lump all officers into that category.
  4. Some people follow the news and jump on the band wagon of a questionable act.
  5. Some people feel the police are harassing them.
  6. Some people look at the police as the enemy and not their neighbor.

How can the police connect with communities that don’t like or trust them. 

  1. Truly care about the community you serve.
  2. Help people on a personal level, it is very important and can’t be overstated.
  3. Connect with faith and youth leaders, they can have a lot of influence.
  4. Have the proper tools to interact with the people you serve.
  5. Use community events with a desired outcome.
  6. Do proper training with the officers and community.
  7. Use the media as a partner, not an enemy.

Breaking down the “Us Against Them” mentality some Communities have with Law Enforcement should be the priority of every Chief and City leader.  

It is easy for a city and police agency to work with people that accept them, but real progress is made when you work with the people who don’t like you.  

Seeing communities do the same things over and over is frustrating. It is also the first sign of insanity. It is demoralizing to the troops and leaves the community shaking their heads.

We developed the nationally recognized Reality Check Community Policing Program to address the needs of police agencies and cities all over the United States. We have custom video cards and specialty training needed to help connect the police with the community. The Reality Check Community Policing Program is the best way to prevent problems before they start.

Give Larry a call and he can explain how your Police Department and City can be the best they can be.  844-922-4800 or Larry@RealityCheckProgram.com