Notes from Reality Check President & Founder- Lawrence Lawton

As President and Founder of the Reality Check Program I deal with teens and young adults every day. I was invited to the Crime Workshop hosted by County Commissioner Robin Fisher to give “solutions” and was told it was a workshop to find ways to reduce crime and help our young people. It turned into a blame game and that was very embarrassing to our county.

No county is perfect and “ALL” parts of government can be improved. With that said, I applaud all parts of our government, Federal, State, and Local Officials for the hard work they do. As for blame? Can we all say we are perfect? I seriously doubt it. I look for solutions and ways to help.

Sheriff Jack “J.R.” Parker from the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office and Chief John Shockey from Rockledge Police Department are doing that by bridging the gap between our citizens and law enforcement by giving out Reality Check Program DVD’s. Partnering with our citizens is the way. The “us” against “them” mentality citizens and law enforcement have is “not” the answer. Being pro-active instead of re-active is the answer. Way to go guys. I applaud your departments.