Policing – Let’s elevate the profession – By: Larry Lawton

Policing in 2019 – A city of 100K

Where a community is located and what crime issues they have dictates what methods a police department uses to protect and serve the community. Policing in Mayberry is different than policing in NYC or Chicago, but the one common denominator is, no matter what size the community is, good community policing works.
What is Community Policing? According to the dictionary, (noun) the system of allocating police officers to particular areas so that they become familiar with the local inhabitants. But good community policing is so much more than that. It is a mindset and philosophy that comes from the top down, not the bottom up.

To make a real impact with community policing, the police have to change the minds and views of people who don’t like them. It is easy to go to a senior center and say, “look at how great we are doing, they all like us”. Go to the corner where teens are hanging out and see what happens.

We are in a sad place in the United States when a police officer doesn’t want to tell others what they do for a living. A police officer is a civil servant who is paid by taxes and therefore works for the citizens they serve. They should be proud of that, not ashamed or embarrassed.

I recently visited a police department of a city of over 100,000 people and was shocked at what they considered community policing. The city has two police officers who go to neighborly disputes. Having two officers deal with two neighbors arguing whose dog shitted in the others yard, IS NOT community policing.

The city I visited has a high rate of youth crime, drug use and no specific plan on how to reach the youth of the community. No dedicated team of officers to interact with the youth. I asked about designated youth community policing officers, Nope! Police programs for troubled youth, Nope! I was shocked at the lack of interest and direction.

Albert Einstein said, Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

It is all about the leadership of a police department. The city manager and ultimately the elected officials who hire the police chief and city manager need to be more involved with policing in their city. It should be the #1 priority of all officials.

In policing, when you have a bad cop, he or she tarnishes the good name of the good cops. Most police officers want to do the right thing, but like in every business, the employees know who the bad apples are. In policing, it is no different, the good cops know who the bad cops are. They should get rid of them ASAP.

The citizens need to demand accountability. Police departments need to hold their own people accountable for their actions. Way too many police agencies look the other way. Those days are over.

Let’s bring honor and prestige back to policing the way it used to be.

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About the author: Larry Lawton is an Author, TV Personality, Speaker, Teen/Young Adult Expert and Law Enforcement Consultant. Larry developed the nationally recognized Reality Check Program and Reality Check Video Card Program.

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