Prison Cell Talks To You – Larry Lawton – Reality Check Program

Larry Lawton teaching about choicesRead this to someone you know who is heading in the wrong direction. Get help as soon as you can and get the online Reality Check Program video now or this could be his or hers fate.

Prison Cell

Come inside; take a seat, at long last we finally meet. I know that, you’ve heard of my name, I’m your guide through prison; it’s the big boy game. Always sleep, with one eye open, or you’ll wake up, bleeding and broken. You will be told when to eat, and shower, then locked away, another 23 hours.

This old cage is your fate, cold and lonely there is, no escape. Give up your soul and listen to me. Trust no one in this Penitentiary.

Walls of deception surround your head, ask yourself, are you alive or already dead. I know you’re in, for committing horrible crimes. So let’s be honest while your doing time.

Most inmates grew up, hurt and abused; they hide their pain, with prison tattoos. The strength to survive you will have to find, Behind the prison walls, until you die.

Song written by: Buzzy Martin

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