Consulting & Expert Witness

Consultation is available for individuals awaiting trial, sentencing or an individual who was convicted and awaiting incarceration; Sentencing testimony is critical. How much time an individual gets varies and using every resource is essential in getting the fairest sentence possible. Learn about post conviction work, the appeals process, prison transfers, halfway house issues, all prison issues, survival and re-entry. Understanding what will happen throughout the court process and what happens in prison is critical. Insight is provided on how to live behind bars, stay out of trouble, and identify potential dangers. For families, understanding visitation rights is essential.

Larry Lawton and his team are aware of critical and up to date information regarding prisons, federal and state prisoner rehabilitation programs, inmate rights and institutional policies. Larry is available to document or testify in most areas of corrections or the prison system as a Corrections Expert Witness and as a Sentencing Specialist.

Larry Lawton is a certified paralegal; he has expert experience with the Federal Bureau of Prisons as well as expert knowledge of system guidelines and the Code of Federal Regulations (C.F.R.).

TRIALS: As an expert witness in cases involving drugs, robberies, assaults, white collar crimes, etc., the jurors hear from an expert witness that a person’s past does matter. We all know the way a testimony is given is very important. Jurors connect with Larry and might believe your client is not guilty or at the very least, less culpable.

SENTENCING: Larry’s expertise gives the Judge a reason to depart from the sentencing guidelines. When asked what affect a prison sentence will have on an individual, the Judge gets a different perspective and can make a better determination on what the proper sentence should be. At the very least, the Judge has a reason to sentence an individual at the bottom of the guidelines.

“Larry Lawton is a valu
able resource who brings hard-earned experience, enthusiasm and a genuine desire to help people to every case he works. He has “real world cred” that reaches people, both young and old, in a way that a parent, attorney, spouse or friend could not.”

— Robin C. Lemonidis, Board Certified Specialist in Criminal Trial Law

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