Randazzo’s and the Reality Check Program join forces to help young people

Randazzo’s of Little Italy Restaurant and the Reality Check Program team up to help troubled youth.

By: Joe Reilly

Jim Ferraro, famous civil attorney fighting for blue-collar workers and Marc Randazzo, former cruiserweight boxing champion of the world are co-owners of the world famous Randazzo’s of Little Italy restaurant in Miami, Florida and Larry Lawton, a motivational speaker, TV personality, author of the critically acclaimed book Gangster Redemption and Founder and President of the Reality Check Program have a common goal, helping young people.

Randazzo’s is a sponsor of the PBA Reality Check Classic and continues to support helping the Reality Check Program expand in south Florida.

Larry Lawton and Marc Randazzzo have a long history. Larry and Marc met back in the early 1990’s in Chicago and both being streetwise and tough guys they hit it off. Both men have huge hearts and care about young people. That common bond stayed with both men when Larry went to federal prison on racketeering charges in 1996. During Larry’s time away, Marc never gave up on Larry and with encouragement and good food; Marc encouraged Larry to open a Reality Check Program office in south Florida.

“It is all about second chances and Larry deserves one, he has a heart and passion like no other man I ever met. Larry comes and eats at the restaurant all the time and once you read his book, (Gangster Redemption) you will see why he is so passionate about helping people. It is the best book I ever read. I know Larry and he is as hardheaded as me. Nothing will stop him from helping young people. He is a standup guy I respect so much.” said Marc Randazzo.

Randazzo’s restaurant located at 385 Miracle Mile, Coral Gables, FL 33134 (305-448-7002) (Click Here – to see a video about Randazzo’s of Little Italy) is widely known as the best Italian restaurant in south Florida.

“Marc is a great friend and a man with a heart the size of Texas. We met when Marc was fighting for the cruiser-weight title against Irish Danny Morgan (career record 40-4). I’ll never forget that fight. Marc ended Danny Morgan’s career with a TKO in the 8th round with body shots. As a tough guy myself, I used to say, “I’d have to shoot this guy” laughs Lawton. Marc and I hit it off right away. We talked about helping young people even back then. We were troubled guys with big hearts. We were always sticking up for the little guy. We can change a lot of lives in south Florida. Plus, Marc’s meatballs are to die for, by far the best meatballs I ever ate and that includes all the restaurants in little Italy NY and around the country. I have to watch what I eat at Randazzo’s, or I will be a super heavyweight.” laughs Lawton.

Opening in south Florida is a natural fit for the Reality Check Program. Larry has a daughter by his second wife in Ft. Lauderdale and a son in Brooklyn, NY as well. Young people need help everywhere and south Florida is close enough so Larry can keep doing what he does in Brevard County, Florida.

The Reality Check Program has a success rate that is unmatched with regards to helping young people understand the consequences of their choices. An independent quantitative analysis was done by Brevard Community College that showed, 90% of the attendees were not rearrested, 70% had better attitudes, 43% had better school grades and 31% had better school attendance.  (Click Here – to view summary results of quantitative analysis)

“Everyone deserves chances. No matter how many, people do change. I am living proof of that. Read my book Gangster Redemption and you will see what I went through and it took me hitting my bottom. Everyone has a bottom, we just don’t know it. It drives me nuts when officials or people give up on people. Please don’t give up on your son or daughter, no matter what age. I help people of all ages,” said Lawton.

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