Reality Check Program Stimulus Program

The Reality Check DVD is a one of a kind product that shows teens and young adults the consequences of making bad choices. Topics include decision making, what prison is REALLY like, what you will lose, and avoiding and dissolving bad associations. The DVD is 67 minutes in length and appropriate for ages 11 and up. Lawrence Lawton an ex-con who spent 11 years in federal prison tells his story – how he lost his time, his family, his freedom. Through pictures and stories, you’ll see what prison is REALLY like and how a young teen or adult can avoid making the same mistakes he made.

This Stimulus Program offer is available to any non-profit, government agency, school, church or police organization that purchase the Reality Check Program DVD in orders 100+. This Buy One Get One Free Stimulus Program will last through 12/31/2009. Buy 100 get 100 free, Buy 1000 get 1000 free, available with any DVD purchase of 100 or more; all at our highly discounted bulk pricing rates – Click Here for Bulk Pricing.

Printing on the DVD (i.e.; Distributed or Sponsored by “Your School/Church Organization etc.”) is also FREE. What that does is give your organization the recognition they deserve. The public needs to know who is helping our youth and community. Shipping and Handling is FREE as well.

A message from The Reality Check Program Founder and President: “As always, I am trying to make all of our youth aware that the decisions they make today, will affect the rest of their lives. It saddens me when our society forgets or ignores the problems we have with our young adults. Remember they are OUR FUTURE. So act now and take advantage of this privately funded Reality Check Program Stimulus Offer. Click Here for Bulk Pricing.”

Lawrence Lawton