Surviving an Encounter with Law Enforcement Seminar – With 31 Year Law Enforcement Officer Larry Carter

The Lcartergroup, the Reality Check Subscription Service Team and the south Brevard County Task Force in the city of Melbourne, FL. are conducting a seminar with the community titled: “Surviving an Encounter with Law Enforcement”.

The seminar will be an open discussion on what to do, and what not to do, when dealing with police on the streets. Topics covered will be Traffic Stops, Consensual Encounters, and Resisting Arrest w/o violence, a very common charge, and are the police allowed to lie to you?

What: Surviving an Encounter with Law Enforcement Seminar
When: Thursday, July 2, 2015 – 6pm to 8pm
Where: Grant Street Community Center, 2547 South Grant St. Melbourne, FL
Ages: 13 to 80 – Please pass this on to everyone in your community.

This is a free event and opened to the general public. ALL ARE WELCOMED AND ENCOURAGED TO ATTEND – No active duty law enforcement officials will be there. Speak your mind and get real information.

Larry CarterLarry Carter is a member of the Reality Check Subscription Service Team and works closely with Larry Lawton. The Reality Check Subscription Service Team encourages everyone to attend this eye-opening event. Helping law enforcement and the community work together is the goal of all involved.

This is the first of a four (4) part series on helping the citizens and law enforcement connect in a positive and productive way. Breaking down the “Us Against Them” mentality helps everyone and has been a long time goal of everyone involved.

Larry Carter was born and raised in Miami, Florida. After graduating high school, Larry joined the United States Air Force and and was honorably discharged after four years. Larry then pursued a career in law enforcement and after 31 years in law enforcement retired with numerous honors. His duties in law enforcement included Patrol, Narcotics Division, Community Policing Programs, General Criminal Investigations and many other duties.

Larry is a certified instructor in the following disciplines: Community Policing, Racial Profiling, Sexual Harassment, Domestic Violence, Conflict Resolution, Crime Prevention, Workplace Diversity and many others. Larry holds a Bachelor of Science: Criminal Justice – Columbia College-Patrick AFB, Florida.

Larry Carter is an educator at heart and educates parents and communities to the negative impacts of drugs, bullying, crime, police interaction and incarceration.

Larry Carter is the CEO of LcarterGroup, a consulting firm that provides specialized training for small businesses.

“After interviewing many former law enforcement officers to join the team, Larry Carter’s passion, integrity,
education and communication skills are perfect for the Reality Check Subscription Service. He has a heart. We
look forward to working closely with Larry”.

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