Unrest in Baltimore and all over – Why is it happening? By: Larry Lawton

Reality Check Program Question and AnswerWhy is unrest happening in Baltimore and all over the United States?

That is such a complex question with many answers. Here is the simplest, There is no trust in Law Enforcement….

There are over 900,000 police officer (statistic by the national law enforcement officers memorial fund) in the United States. If 5% are bad, that is 45,000 bad police officers. If 2% are bad, that is 18,000 bad cops. Whatever the number is, there is a number. It is not zero. Why isn’t the good cops policing the bad ones? It is all about leadership. Why isn’t that being addressed?

When a community sees a video of two officers beating a man and 5 watching, they wonder why ALL of the cops aren’t being fired. The latest case that comes to mind is in South Carolina. One cop shoots a man in the back, he gets charged with first degree murder, (As he should have) but the black cop that tried to cover it up should have been charged with accessory after the fact to a murder. Did he get charged? You don’t read about that. If he did, the media and police department should have told the world. Accountability and being held to the same standards of citizens will go a long way with bringing back trust in law enforcement.

The general public does not trust internal affairs divisions of the police agencies. Every state and the federal government need an independent task force made up of people who are not in law enforcement and have the trust of the people to investigate every death and allegation of police brutality in that specific state. Until that happens, the public will never trust the police and the “Us against Them” mentality will continue.

Larry is the only ex-con and honorary police officer in the United States. Larry was recognized on the floor of the US Congress for becoming a honorary police officer and helping young people.

Larry lectures on police abuse and how police can better communicate with the public. Larry Lawton spoke at the international association of chief of police in Plano, Texas and gave a class at the Eastern Missouri Law Enforcement Center on how cops can better connect with the community.

From Director Neubauer of the Eastern Missouri Law Enforcement Training Center.


I addressed the night class last evening and before I started my prepared talk I asked for those who attended the class on Saturday to give me a review of what they heard.  To a recruit they all had positive things to say from “he spoke plainly and told the truth” to “it was good to hear someone not afraid to tell the real story.”  There were positive comments regarding the “concept” of community oriented policing and how an officer can alter the life of someone simply by being a human being and treating them with respect.  I asked how many had already started reading the book and only one had not.  I started reading it yesterday afternoon and could not put it down.  My only regret is that ALL of the recruits were not able to be present.  Rave reviews from those eager to learn.  I firmly believe you made a positive impression on their lives.

Respectfully,Director Ron Neubauer of the Eastern Missouri Law Enforcement Training Center

Ron N.






As a man who speaks on law enforcement and community relations issues all the time. Some departments get it, some don’t. Experts need to say it like it is. It is not just a race issue, it is a policing issue.

For further information, Larry Lawton can be reached at larry@lawton911.com or 321-917-7694.

Larry on Huckabee ShowAbout Larry Lawton:

In August of 2013, Larry was the first ex-con in the United States to be sworn in as an honorary police officer in the city of Lake Saint Louis Missouri. In November 2013, Larry was the first ex-con recognized on the floor of the United States Congress for his work with helping young people and becoming a honorary police officer.
Larry is a TV analyst, (Casey Anthony, Trayvon Martin, etc.) paralegal, court program developer, police adviser and teen and young adult issues expert for families all over the country.
Larry Lawton co-authored Gangster Redemption with 8 time NY Times bestselling author Peter Golenbock, the book is Larry’s life story, what REALLY goes on in prison and how Larry developed the #1 Program in the country helping young people NOT go to prison.

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For interviews or further information, Larry Lawton can be reached at larry@lawton911.com or 321-917-7694.