We Were All Kids Once

Question: My son did something minor and the police are harassing him.  How can I make the police understand my son isn’t a bad kid?  How can I get them to stop?  We were all kids once.

Answer: It really isn’t about making the police understand your son isn’t a bad kid.  We don’t believe he is.  We always say this “We don’t believe in bad kids, we believe in bad choices” We also believe 99% of all police officers won’t judge your son and want to help him. 

There are good and bad people in all organizations, whether that is the police, school teachers, or any business for that matter. We have a lot of respect for our law enforcement officers. We also ask that you NOT judge all officers by the few officers you dealt with.  There is no excuse for any officer to harass anyone in any way. Professionalism is the one quality that all the Police Chiefs we deal with have. They care.

Call your police department and ask to speak with the Chief of Police and don’t accept no for an answer.  The Chief works for you and he can only fix the problem if he or she knows there is a problem. Try to help the police and become the eyes and ears of your police department and everyone wins. If you run into a problem with regards to getting a hold of the Chief, go directly to the station and setup a face to face meeting. I have never met a Chief of Police who wouldn’t meet one of his constituents. 

Community policing is one of our major initiatives. Breaking down the “Us Against Them” mentality some communities have with the police is the answer that will save lives and reduce crime.  Communications, Communications, Communications. Good leadership with positive, forward thinking police leaders is the key ingredient to a recipe for success.

Good luck and keep me posted.

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Larry Lawton

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