West Palm Beach Florida, A City Heading in the Right Direction. How Leadership Matters

In the latest FBI crime data, the 10 Murder Capitals of Florida for 2019 are:

  1. West Palm Beach
  2. Lauderhill 
  3. Riviera Beach 
  4. Miami Gardens 
  5. Daytona Beach 
  6. Arcadia 
  7. Jacksonville 
  8. Fort Pierce 
  9. Leesburg 
  10. Miami 

When you top a list like this, you have to figure out why and make the changes necessary to help the citizens you serve. This list is unacceptable.

In comes newly elected Mayor Keith James. Tough decisions need to be made, but that is what good leaders do. The first shooting after Mayor James was sworn in, he was on the scene consoling the family and seeing how things are done. To this day, Mayor James is seen at every murder or serious police incident. The Mayor is showing the citizens he serves and the people who work for him that he cares and he’s not an armchair leader.  

Mayor James brought in a new Police Chief (Frank Adderley) with over 35 years of experience and gave him the support needed to help West Palm Beach and the citizens they serve. Building a team to help the citizens they serve.

Before the new Police Chief came in, I drove down some well-known drug spots and witnessed drug deals going down in the middle of the day. Since the new Police Chief came in, I haven’t seen any.

Enforcement with community policing is one of Police Chief Adderley’s plans on helping the police connect with the citizens. Getting the drug dealers and known criminals off the streets are already in the works and moving forward. Not that West Palm Beach is all cleaned up, but it is heading in the right direction and that is encouraging. 

The prior leadership is not to blame. Mayor James brings leadership with education (Harvard College and Harvard Law School) and experience (worked with small and medium-sized companies with corporate and executive experience) to a much-needed West Palm Beach.

Leadership Matters